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Although do not care about the outcome of the nba 2k17 mt game, but when Cousins walked into the stadium, still trying to win. Shortly after the opening of the game, he scored two goals, and then he assists Lawson in scoring. Both teams shot 7 times, and they were all in the assists. Cousins's condition is very good, arranged before the king's 12 points in 8 points, only one of his three shots were Curitiba capping. In the first quarter with 4 points and 01 seconds, Curitiba hit three outside, the warriors will score to 21-19, this is the game for the first time ahead. After the first section, the warriors made the lead 27-24.

Section two teams still form fighting force in this section with 1 minutes and 59 seconds, Thompson hit the jumper, but also to maintain the leading warrior 48-45. But in the remainder of this section, only by the warriors curry throws two balls, the king took the nba 2k17 coins opportunity to hit a wave of 10-2 offensive, taking a 55-50 lead in the first half. The first half, Durant and Cousins each had 16 points, the number of warriors mistakes as many as 15 times.

Competition in the third quarter to enter the climax, the beginning of this section Thompson and Green each in a record three points, the warriors hit a wave of 10-0 offensive to the score. The king has not been defeated, Taliaferro and Cousins were scored, they quickly stabilize the situation. The warriors lost Barnes, but the king of Barnes had a passion, he had a playoff level of foul on Mcgee, and the offensive end he was equally passionate. In assists Temple hit three points, Barnes himself also hit three points, in this section left 08 minutes 2 seconds, the king and the 75-74 anti super. The three day after the two teams tied at 78.

Left in the game 8 minutes 56 seconds, Mai Kramer layup, the king made the 85-80 lead. But the king is also very difficult to further open the score, then Clark and Mai test were hit three points, the game will score against the super. Clark became a warrior hero, after the nba 2k17 mt coins king to rewrite the score to 96-91, he hit a record three points and two assists McCall hit three points, then he went off Bulan, single handedly led the warriors hit 14-0 attack climax, and ultimately to beat kings 105-96.

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