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 "NBA 2K17" is made by 2K Sports, 2K Games issued by the nba 2k17 pc mt sports games, the game is now Apple store shelves, capacity up to 2.91GB, priced at 50 yuan, at present the pay list has soared to second, and today we will briefly talk about the "NBA 2K17" which have a mobile terminal characteristics of play, you want to experience this masterpiece before the first to have a comprehensive understanding.

In the new "NBA 2K17", the game interface is more fresh and simple than the previous version, while adding new NBA elements, such as the game player can according to the needs of the adjustment of the position of the rocker settings page, sensitivity and size. And before the series of the game, the interface is still to control the direction of the left rocker player in the nba 2k17 vc account direction of progress, and the right side of the interface for operation key shooting, passing, roll off. Particularly worth mentioning, in the new "2K17 NBA", the player for the operation of the reaction speed is also faster, more agile movements.

"2K17 NBA" career mode, is one of the biggest selling point of this new game, the game will deepen the career mode, so that players from the University League began to build their own superstar. At the same time, in career mode opens a new player development system, including the sign of action, shoes, armband, leggings and other diversified elements, these elements in the process of slowly unlock, players will also get more room to grow.

As in previous series, the nba 2k17 mt game is still divided into street basketball, season mode, occupation career mode and quick game mode, fast game player game can make maximum use of fragments of time, the game whenever and wherever possible a fully and delightfully, while the season mode is more focused on the ability of game player summoned, lead the team to victory, occupation career mode can be fully realized the Dream Star game player.

2K Sports Development Deputy Chief Thomas Jeff said: the mobile device is still the player's preferred gaming platform. This year launched the mobile device simulation game, is hoping to allow the nba 2k17 coins player to a more diversified way to play the "2K17 NBA". We add more features to create, by far the most authentic experience of basketball, for the game version of "NBA 2K17" listed on."

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