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"NBA2K17" how to replace the shoes? Handsome in the game of basketball shoes can be purchased or modified to obtain, and after the nba 2k mt start, we may not know how to equip, today we share the "NBA2K17" to replace the shoes method,

We first look at the NBA2K17 shoes brand, in addition to the familiar Air Jordan series, Kobe series, also increased the sneaker design, from Allen Iverson to Dr. J Julius Erwin, that the specially made of canvas shoes. Is relatively brisk YEEZY is used in 2K17, game player can buy.

In addition, the players should pay attention to the original game has the function of the shoe contract, rather than the genuine players can consider using the modifier and other tools for shoes.

Next, we will come to share the different patterns of NBA2K17 how to change the shoes, several ways to replace the brand of shoes are as follows.

In NBA2K17 career mode, players want to replace the player's shoes brand is the need to Kobe or Jordan contract, as long as the nba 2k17 mt election of one of them, you can put in my shoes in this brand of shoes.

The specific operation method of "1" career mode is:

1, into the NBA2K17 career mode, click on the menu options;

2, the menu option, look at the shoes, the direct selection of 2K brand shoes, you can give their players put on new sneakers.

Note: MC contract brand, you can choose the brand in the contract, or self built sneakers.

"2." in other modes of NBA2K17, the player has to replace the sneakers:

1, into the NBA2K17 other mode, click the menu option;

2, in the menu option, click on the player list, select the player to change shoes;

3, and then click on the edit player list, directly to change the players can change the shoes.

Method of changing shoes with modifier 3:

Note: all modes of NBA2K17 are available.

1, into the NBA2K17 game, and then back to the desktop, open the modifier;

2, click on the player editor in the modifier, change the nba 2k17 coins shoe can be changed directly. "NBA 2K17" the essence of the article recommended MC mode video Raiders mode video player ratings of key operation that mobile phone sweep face tutorial award recipients methods dribbling ability value ranking tutorial series of new elements play on problem solving summary list of demo map Wen Xinde trophy

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