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Since the street basketball into the nba 2k mt 2K basketball game, game player has attracted are involved, and a new generation of NBA2K17 not only add more wonderful tricks and action, but also increase the number of confrontation. The PARK MY park mode for the players to bring more play, there are more scenes for you to choose, the scene will have more viewers cheer for the players.

Online park mode of street basketball game, the number of people can choose to choose 5 different numbers of the contest, up to 5 people, respectively, are 1V1, 2V2, 3V3, 4V4, 5V5.

This generation of NBA2K17 park model and career mode is very good, relatively balanced design, there is no absolute superstar Almighty, only the emphasis on one aspect of the star, and network warfare and single career have let you play impulse, because life can be brought into the park to clear the badge of battle, that you have to invest a lot of time to a nba 2k17 mt single career where brush brush badge data. Each type defines the player up to five purple badges, I heard that there are the park's proprietary badges, design is very good. But even if the money is not money early game player, only up to eighty-six, to the time of patience to unlock the last ninety-nine capacity values are on the mode of love to do, if your file has two or ninety-nine characters that is super fans.

NBA2K17 park on the mode of play on the nba 2k17 coins first introduced here, like street basketball players must offer a good friend to experience the charm of street basketball on the street, I wish you a happy game!

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