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The majority of the Detail Level related options offer Low / Medium / High, with the exceptions being Shader nba 2k17 mt (which also has an Ultra setting) and Crowd/Media People which you can set to Off. This will, indeed, entirely remove the crowd from the stadium (and make the prancing mascots look very lonely and silly). You’ll still hear crowd noise though.

‘Special Effects’ covers all the Bloom, Reflections, SSAO, Depth of Field stuff. You can toggle these individually, while Special Effects itself acts as a universal on/off switch for everything. Max Anisotropy acts a little unusually, offering either 1 or 16 with nothing in between nba 2k17 coins(but since AF is relatively light on performance demands these days, 16 should be the default for the majority of people).

I’m less clear on what Buffer Count does (obviously something to do with frame buffering, but what, precisely, I’m unsure). After reading around, it sounds like setting it to 1 was helpful in preventing stuttering in prior NBA 2K releases. Didn’t seem to make much difference in NBA 2K17, and I didn’t notice any increase in input lag between 1 and 3. The nba 2k17 mt coins vibration setting controls whether your controller vibrates like a snoozing bear or swarm of bees. Finally, Dynamic Environment Map is another one I’m fairly unclear on, but is something to do with texture maps and meshes. Probably. Maybe. Leave it on for best results, anyway.

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