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"NBA 2K17" has been duly landed on the PC nba 2k17 mt platform, the popular game player now welcome, foreign media dualshockers announced a set of 4K level screenshots, let everyone from the static perspective to appreciate this exciting basketball game.

Games 2K provides a rich custom options for the player, PC players can choose anti aliasing, texture quality, audience and media details, and anisotropic filtering, and so on. In addition, PC game player can also turn on / off the vertical synchronization, special effects, color correction, depth of field, environmental space mapping, volume effect and dynamic environment map.

It is a "NBA 2K17" does not support the SLI configuration, and 1080P set a constant 60 frames; the nba 2k17 coins lowest resolution of 33 frames 4K. If your machine configuration is not enough to run, you can at least enjoy this batch of 4K level HD graphics.

"2K17 NBA" is a Sports 2K production, Games 2K issue of sports games. After breaking the sales records of the "2K16 NBA", 2K NBA series will continue to use the "2K17 NBA" to consolidate the status of the most authoritative sports games. As the "model of all sports video games" (GamesRadar), "2K17 NBA" will take the game to a new height, and further break the barriers of the nba 2k17 mt coins game and reality. The following is a screenshot of the announcement:

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