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The authenticity of the game as well as to achieve the ultimate

Three the library has entered with no predecessors level, but before the 2k17 mt game the system does not set the three projection capabilities alone for the library person, such as from midfield to hit three points, but in 2k17, the designers do a separate optimization, in order to make the game more realistic. All the signs of the player action, like the scene from the real burn down, and then the slightest damage to the game screen.

The movement of the ball is not a single line movement"

At the beginning of the game, you may have missed the first 10 shots. This is because with the basketball in the air a single track compared to 2k17 basketball trajectory more abundant, more detailed, basketball up in 2k17 is more like a real basketball, rather than nba 2k17 buy mt simply like a standard rocket launch process. This result is caused by a lot of shots are not predictable, more close to the real game process. 2k17 is designed to allow the player to have a real sense of basketball, rather than press the button to launch a bunch of data after the feeling.

2K music feast

The design of the game itself is all ages, so in the selection of all the tracks on must be so that everyone can understand and accept the type of music. 2K17 invited to the famous musicians and music portfolio Drake, FUTURE and so on to nba 2k17 mt ps4 participate in music production. Even in order to meet the foreign players, set up more non English classes.

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