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Durant accepted a famous sports columnist Simmons - Bill's television interview.

In the interview, Durant first talked about the decision to join the nba 2k17 mt Jinzhou warriors this summer, but also talked about the intense reaction to his choice of Oklahoma City.

The following is part of the interview.

"Very sad, I can not go to the radio room, with the public to express my feelings. If I'm in twitter or IG to publish my own thoughts, send a video to refute a writer's comments, it will ruin my career. When I made my decision, I knew I was going to suffer the pain and go on with my criticism. It makes me feel sad, depressed mood from the people I have worked with, it is clear that they are not happy."

"When they say I'm weak, my thoughts are just the opposite. There were times when I could have changed a lot, and I was able to give up a lot of times when I failed, but I finally looked forward. I also at the peak of his career, with the top level, so because of a team, you can say that I am weak? When you make people feel uncomfortable, or do something to make them uncomfortable, they will open up to you."

"No one cares what I think about the ordinary people, they are concerned about my nba 2k17 coins performance on the basketball court. No one cares if I like to go fishing every Tuesday. No one will care about these, unless I can throw the ball into the basket. If they don't care about me, why should I care what they think."

After that, the topic turned to Durant and Westbrook's relationship. After 8 years of work they broke up, from a rival team.

"It's hard to tell him I'm going to leave. Because we have worked together for a long time." Durant said. "But at the same time, I have to make a decision. No matter whether other people agree with me, I have to stick to it."

Durant has also been asked how the new season will be felt when they meet again in the new season.

Durant replied: "in my opinion, when we are standing on the court in this confrontation, that is when we tit for tat. But I don't take these emotions to the nba 2k17 mt coins scene. I don't care about you too much, I don't try to hate you. I always hear 'Michael doesn't like what', 'Isiah' to what'. But when I get home and sit on the couch, I don't think of you or hate you. That's not my character. When it comes to a fight, I will be more intentnesses. I only care about how I'm going to dominate the game."

"I'm not going to run to Russell (Westbrook) in front of the car with him, he would not want to beat me. I'm not going to care about these things. On the pitch, I will play like the past, competition. I just changed the kit, it won't stop working."

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