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NBA League president Adam - Xiao Hua for the summer of the player's contract published his comments, which focus on the 1+1 contract.

Xiao Hua said that starting from the interests of the players, nba 2k17 mt he did not want the player to sign the 1+1 contract (second player option):

"The player's contract with 1+1 has an unintended consequence of putting themselves in a position to face huge financial risks. Our system is designed for those who have signed the long covenant, and only then can you get a guarantee.

On the other hand, the system is designed to encourage players to stay in the same team. Of course, I also respect the players who decided to leave the team. But like I said before, I would like to talk to the trade unions, maybe to improve the system, so that it is more conducive to encourage the team to stay in the existing team."

Xiao Hua's words contain a lot of levels of this problem, nba 2k17 coins but not all. From a certain perspective, his fear of the loss of its original meaning.

First, the risk of 1+1 contract does not apply to Lebron and KD such a top star, because even if they were injured in the absence of a whole season, there are teams willing to give them a big contract.

Second, this summer, Wade and Gasol also in 1 + 1 contract, they represent a group of veteran psychological: Wade is hope to get more salary (former outfit are reluctant to provide top salary cap), and Gasol is for the convenience of changing team (in recent years big Pau Gasol frequency propagation change teams).

Before Lebron, not many people believe that the 1+1 contract is desirable. nba 2k17 mt coins But have to admit that now the generation of players have enough creativity to find a balance in a variety of complex situations.


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