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Wade - Dwayne today to attend the introduction of the players will be organized by the bulls, the Chicago children expressed deep love for the bulls and the city, nba 2k17 mt but also made it clear that the bulls are Butler Jimmy's team.

Wade left the full 13 years of the heat this summer, with his hometown team to sign a 47 million year contract worth $2 for a period of years. In his second paper will be asked about Jimmy Butler, the team's 26 year old young people.

"This is Jimmy's team," Wade said. "We won't have a fight, and then it's the team."

Another summer to join the Bulls senior international defender pulls the Jan - long many previously described Bulls team three star is now the "big three", he was also made it clear that the bull is the Butler team.

For 04 years Wade brought Shaquille O'neal joined the heat when the situation.

"We did not have the title, I still remember his press conference," Wade recalls, "I was playing the games, just like Jimmy now. I still remember when Shaq said: "this year we will not tangle this thing. This is the team of Wade Dwayne. ""

"Therefore, we will not tangle this matter now. This is Butler Jimmy's team. nba 2k17 coins I've come here to make contributions to the value of the team and the city as a player. He's the young bull in the team. He is only 26 years old, as long as the coach wants him to stay on the field, he can play 40 minutes or more. I'm not trying to do that. We will rely more on him."

Wade also said that Butler is a phone firm he joined the bull's heart.

"When he was at Marquardt university when I knew him," Wade Butler is a senior, "I respect him very. If it weren't for Butler Jimmy, it wouldn't have happened. His role is enormous."

"I didn't realize it at the time. Ross Derek's gone, (Qiao Jin) Nuo A's gone too. The team wants to sign a player like me, which shows that Jimmy cares about winning. We all play for the same goal: win. Jimmy will continue to grow and become a better player because Ron and I will help him."

Of course, Wade also talked about the things he left the team, this is a knot is: "there is no discord between me and pat Riley. This year, the team's forward direction is different from previous years."

"I received the offer from Miami. This is my decision to selfish, nba 2k17 mt coins live for my own dream (bull potency), "wade continued," this is my personal decisions, and Pat Riley and boss Mickey Allison did not concern. I want to be a part of helping the team to return to glory."

However, when asked to Riley in negotiations he with the Miami Heat played what role, Wade seems slightly grievances: "over the past two years, the contract is I and Micky arison talk. He didn't sit at the negotiating table. He didn't make a phone call or send an e-mail or text message."

Finally, Wade said he was very excited to be able to return to the city of his birth.

"I'm grateful to be here today. This is one of the times when dreams come true. So simple. I am a Chicago people, is a Chicago boy. I still remember sitting on the floor as a witness to the first championship in the history of the bulls. I was only nine years old, watching a little TV, and I said to myself, 'I want to do that, I want to buy nba 2k17 mt coins be that kind of person."

"I became a NBA player's dream in my hometown. Though I have walked a long way, I'm here now."

Yes, from today on, Wade Dwayne, a Chicago boy, has finally become a Chicago bulls player.

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