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American basketball reporter Amico Sam wrote in praise of Kaili - Erwin's performance, he believes Erwin has the nba 2k16 mt ability to control the team of the dream team, he can let each star be involved in the attack and get the opportunity to shoot.

In yesterday's warm-up match, Erwin came off the bench, the audience Voted 6 to 4 in 10 points and 4 assists. The United States team has NBA super star, there is a rising star, we all believe that they have the right to shoot.

Erwin is very clear how to play with the stars, because in the knights, his side there is James, Le Fu and JR- Smith such players, each of them are eager to score.

In the game with the Chinese team, get 17 points of clay Thompson shot 10 times, deandre Jordan (12 points) and Anthony shot nine times, ranked second in the nba 2k16 coins team. Durant (19 points) and Deluozan (13) shot 7 times, while Erwin and Lori was shot 8 times together. For Erwin, the U. S. team's situation is nothing new.

Owen and Lori need to coach k's game plan in place to perform, they must ensure that every star to get shot, everyone happy, everyone for team fight. Erwin at the Duke University for the old K coach to play, in 2014 also participated in the World Cup Men's basketball, Erwin helped the United States to win, he also got the MVP trophy. Therefore, Owen clear himself carrying the nba 2k16 mt coins expectations, know how to let everyone in unison, know how to make right attack decision, knows how to play winning attack.


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