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Is currently the United States with the nba 2k16 mt dream team preparing for the Olympic Games the King Center DeMarcus - Test Xin Si in today in an interview, said the New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony has been his favourite in the league players.

"I am all technical players fans," said cousins, "Mello (Anthony) has been is my favorite player, on the field) I have been trying as much as possible followed him every second rhythm."

Test God can be said to be the union is currently one of the highest technical flow center, he has a superior passing and solid low skills, coupled with the nba 2k16 coins powerful tonnage, last season the height of 2 meters of 11 major sub field can cut 26.9 points and 11.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists and 1.6 steals and 1.4 times capping comprehensive data, test God in an interview said that in the summer together with the dream team training these days, melon has been inspired in his growth.

"This is a stimulant. I enjoy in him these days, his game experience is very rich, I was Melo fans this is now a well known. Now I can every day and he trained together, which can be nba 2k16 mt coins helped me to become a better player and I am very excited."


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