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 奥运选拔队进行时 拉塞尔、兰德尔获球星齐赞

In a series of four days of the U. S. Olympic trials team training, Dean of the Lakers Gilo Russell, Julius Randle and Brandon Ingram can from some of the best, nba 2k16 mt to learn the wisdom of the basketball players.

Selection team also get the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games and the United States to participate in the training of the United states. This year's dream team members include Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, the clay Thompson, DeMarcus - Test Xin Si 12 NBA players.

Beijing time on July 22nd, according to the Lakers' state website reported that although the selection team in each confrontation are defeated, but some young Lakers players still left a deep impression. The first is Russell.

"I see (him) bursting with talent," Anthony said when talking about Russell. I saw the skill, saw a player who can play his own style, he has the opportunity to rank among the ranks of the top NBA point guard. I know this is only his second season, he also needs to work hard, but he has nba 2k16 coins a lot of advantages."

"He (Russell) is very clever, when the ball is very clever. His field of vision is a top level, and I think people like him. Experience and effort will make him very good."

Owen said that looking at Russell play, and see him in the past season progress, feel very cool: "I like his height and great ability to handle the ball, he near the basket with shooting ability, he in the end of the game very good."

Current Lakers coach Walton - Luke in the player, has played for the Cleveland knights and Erwin. Erwin said that under the guidance of Walton, Russell will realize the ambition.

"I used to play with Luke and I knew that Luke would give Russell the ball and let him play on the pitch and solve the problem by himself."

Another Lakers young Julius Randle also has a good performance in the selection of the team. When he was a freshman at University of Kentucky, he met Cousins. The latter once said that he expected to become Randall threatening alliance characters.

"I think he is gifted, comprehensive ability. As soon as he finds a way to solve the game, he gathers his (talent) to come to the scene, he will be nba 2k16 mt coins a man of fear, "Cousins said after today's training.

During training camp, Randall very frequently as Cousins questions, from different aspects of the game for seniors.

"He's always asking me, always asking me to suggest that he's been asking questions about the position on the field, what is good or bad. Now he's like a sponge, trying to absorb as much information as possible. Learn from some of the more experienced and talented players around him. I think he's doing everything right, and that's exactly what a young player should do in this training camp."


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