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2014-15 season, Clyde Thompson averaged 21.7 points, for the nba 2k16 mt  first time all star, and was named three team team. Last season, the champion point guard averaging 22.1 points, and once again selected the entire star and the best lineup.

This summer, Thompson as a team member of the dream team, will represent the United States to participate in the Rio Olympic games. After several days of training, the dream team coach K praised Thompson.

"Clay is the planet best, the most comprehensive one of the players," coach k said, "he is not only a pitcher, he was a great offensive and like defensive. He didn't look tired, he seemed to have nba 2k16 coins a very strong motor on his body."

After finishing the day's training, Thompson learned that the K coach on his evaluation, he said happily: Wow, that's a lot of sense. For him to play a lot of fun, especially he offered to do the national team coach, in fact, he did not need to do so..."

Last season, Thompson hit the three ball League No. more than and 2 (276), hit as high as 42.5%. Warriors in the first 17 games of the playoffs, he averaged 26.2 points, shooting 45%. He has also been considered by many to be the nba 2k16 mt coins best defender in the league today.


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