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In 2016 NBA finals to the tiebreak war, nba 2k16 mt  Knight finally on the road to 93-89 warriors narrow get the history of the team's first championship trophy. After the end of the game. In the series showed excellent Knight headed star LeBron James also unanimously elected the NBA Finals MVP today James Wong finally in the bay area realized myself to the title for the home of the oath, in the interview after the game, James said they have been waiting couldn't wait to fly back to Cleveland and the home fans celebrate winning.

"I can't wait to get on the plane and bring the trophy back to Cleveland to meet my fans. It's going to be the biggest party in the history of Cleveland."

James Cleveland Cavaliers effect of this is the ninth year of, before this he once led the Cavaliers twice made it to the finals, but missed the championship, in the year they was once in a brink of death, but James in the G5, G6 hit series guards successfully helped the team to put the series into tiebreak, from questionable to eventually win, nba 2k16 coins endure all kinds of hardships along the way I'm afraid only James Wong who can experience. In the interview after the game, James Wong admitted himself in the nine years has been to help home winner spare no effort.

"This (helping home win) is the reason why I came back, I put my blood, my sweat, and all of my dedication to the city, Cleveland, the champion gave you!"

In addition to James, Kyrie Irving outstanding performance in this field also nots allow to ignore, he in 53 seconds before the whistle had faced Stephen curry hit the helping the team clinched the victory the vast life third. He scored 26 points in the audience today, ranked third in the audience.

"James Lebron is the best player on the planet. We made history today. It's going to be written in the book, and now we can have our own parade!"

In the interview after the game, Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue is also strongly praised the James Wong in the series of the ruling class, he said James not only has the most unique basketball talent, but also has a strong enough heart.

"You could see his basketball talent and he dominated the game, nba 2k16 mt coins but he the reason why with to this success is because he has a great heart, and this will let some great things happen in a great man."


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