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欧文:抢七会是最难一战 为詹姆斯创造空间

This is the first time for nba 2k16 mt Kaili - Erwin to participate in the seven war, he said that this will be the most difficult game of his career, he will be on the field to create space for James.

"This is the highest level that I have ever played, and we have been playing back home in the big score 1-3, and we have come to the present. We know how important this game is and we have to do something to help the team win the game, "Erwin said.

"Now, I can only control what I can control, and believe in myself, and believe that I can play a good game. If you do this, any results can be accepted. I know, the series seventh games, will be the most difficult game I have ever experienced."

Last year's finals, Erwin in the first series of the season, due to injury season reimbursement. In the last six games, nba 2k16 coins Erwin averaged 27.3 points and 4.3 assists and 3.7 rebounds, shooting 47.3%, three and 40.6%. Erwin's excellent play to help James share a lot of pressure.

During this year's finals, James's shooting hit rate reached three, 51.4% percentage points to reach 40%.

In the past two, James played a god level performance, the knight made two in a row, the series will be dragged to grab seven.

"Very special, very special," said Erwin when talking about James. "You try not to make him a person alone, and when he needs to, he created a space to attack. When he hit nba 2k16 mt coins that state, in which you will have an incredible feeling."


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