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詹姆斯:有信心拖进抢七 期待挑战

G6 war imminent, James said they are confident to play the game, nba 2k16 mt at the same time, he looks forward to the challenge, will maintain strength in 48 minutes.

"As we have done all season, we have enough confidence." James said, "we look forward to the challenge."

In NBA Finals history, a total of 32 teams had 1-3 behind the, but no team can comeback, even if the relaxation of the conditions, in the finals 3-1, the series dragged into the tiebreak had also only twice, in 1966 the Lakers and 1951 the Knicks. Now the Cavs are trying to become a nba 2k16 coins third.

In James career, in the face of to be knocked out of the game. His coaching record 8 wins 8 negative. This time he apparently also hope that can save a match point in front of the house, "I to their only hope is in the game as a whole team to bring help, data can, will have some different, but as a leader, I need remain stable for 48 minutes."

In Game 5, the knight wearing a black short sleeved shirt, let them get the final victory, and in the game, knight decided to distribute a black short sleeved for the nba 2k17 coins home fans. "Compared to this shirt, we have more to care about, I need to work hard to keep calm."


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