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The second new player of 2015 spent a pleasant season in Philadelphia, the team's record is 10 wins and 72 negative alliance at the bottom, nba 2k16 mt and he also reimbursement in the middle of the season because of knee surgery

However, the big guy has good efficiency. 2015-16 season he averaged 17.5 points, 7 rebounds, 1.2 blocks and 1.2 assists, averaging 50.8% points per game. In the same session of the rookie, he averaged second points in the field, rebounds third, blocked fourth. It is worth noting is that prior to the injury he has played a very good performance, all star weekend after six games, he can 20.3 points for Houston, high hit rate of 63.4%. After the end of the season, he was selected to the best rookie team a team.

"I think I learned a lot about NBA and how everything works," Okafor said in an interview with Insiders Basketball. "I think I will continue to learn every day, but in the past year, I must have benefited a lot from it."

"Right now, I'm looking to recover from injury. nba 2k16 coins About 12 weeks ago, my knee was operated on, and my doctor told me to take some time to slowly recover. My knee feels good, but the people around me and the 76 team are trying to make sure that I'm not in a hurry. Although I am confident, because my knees feel good."

Rookie season in the face of the 72 defeat will be the most difficult thing, this figure is his effectiveness that year, the number of 18 times the number of lost in the Duke University. So it's definitely a need for mental adjustment.

"I think every rookie who is in a high position will understand that they are going to go to a regular division. Those teams have a high pick, because they have a poor record in the last year, "Okafor said. "So when I was 76, I talked to K about what I should expect, so it didn't make me feel shocked. Of course I thought we should have done better, but had not thought about things like the playoffs."

For Okafor, although experienced a difficult season, nba 2k16 mt coins but there are two things to make him feel very happy: the support of the fans and a lot of time to get out of the game can help their progress.

"It is very special to play in 76 people, because it has a very enthusiastic fan base," Okafor said. "It was this year that made me feel the most positive things, and they also inspire me because I want to do well in the city. In addition, because the squad is very young, I can get a lot of playing time, in different aspects of the progress. Some of the new talent didn't get me like this."

And a bit more optimistic about Okafor is that the team has become united.

"I think (our chemical reaction) is getting better every day. Obviously we have some very bad performance, but at the same time, we have also contributed to the exciting game. We are all good friends in the field, so it will be easier to solve problems on the spot. Ismail - Smith (last year) in December to join the team, working with him a great feeling. He's a very good point guard and we are all very happy when he joins the team."

However, buy nba 2k16 mt coins Okafor has repeatedly appeared in the trading rumors. He says he can't do it all.

"I've been in the trade rumors all season and it's been on the way to the all star weekend. So I head coach Brett - brown chat, he told me as long as I am in the NBA play, the trade rumors will is a part of my life. I tried to block the news, but as a NBA player, this is something you need to deal with."


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