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In a few minutes after a whistle sounded, stands on the former NBA player Michael Thompson success caused a the attention of an old friend. I saw nba 2k16 mt his eyes full of confusion, palms upward on both sides holding arms, seems to be in distress. This is probably the game most of the people present state, especially for a shooting guard Thompson klein.

Clare Thompson, the son of Mitchell, the game got 37 points, the first half of 26 points. The whole game, three points and 6 clay ball 11 hit all 9 free throws.

The night for Thompson is unforgettable, 37 points, only ostentation and extravagance on the third highest; defensive Owen, Owen and cast playoff best hit rate; slaving away in the positive and negative value (- 21) ranked the lowest in the whole. "Already happened." Thompson said after the game, he (Erwin) is a phenomenal player, especially in the offensive end. You can do better in the video, but it doesn't make you a good reason to be discouraged."

When it comes to the final three consecutive scoring 30+ opponent, Thompson said: to Kaili (Erwin) trust, he can play a very good game. But you must nba 2k16 coins not bow, you want to use and before the same mentality to fight him tough, limiting him, it is best to limit him to 20 points or so, not 41 points."

As the two consecutive season MVP winner in the last game, Curitiba CIC lost 14 times 9 times out of three hands. He got 38 points in the G4, while the remaining four games in the NBA Finals averaged only 18.3 points and hit rate of 41.7%. However, how much did you hear about the library evaluation? Imagine if this is the first five games in the James finals, especially when he has a regular season 60% hit rate. Even if is Durant, Westbrook, Paul and Griffin, harden, DeMar Derozan or other significant responsibility for the team star, presumably not have such a good treatment.

Of course, that has some limitations. Warriors now lead 3-2, if the team does not need to curry out heroics, this is stupid. If the warrior does not need the Obrien cup, then the library need nba 2k16 mt coins not prove that he is the MVP finals.

Perhaps the key defensive knight, curry can't shine as usual. He is not Lebron, even in the case of poor shooting percentage can also be a profound impact on the game. He has been very friendly to the media, no threat, people generally not on this guy showed pawn is not?

Now the pressure is on the side of the warriors, at home to lose 15 points is the biggest difference since Cole's home defeat. If the warriors that Green's return will be a ready-made panacea, would be wrong. Erwin and James are strong enough, and other obstacles can't be ignored. One can expect the sixth and seventh field will happen, even after the return of the green can give type animal performance, once he won a flagrant foul or two technical fouls will once again suffered ban.

Knight reversal, if successful, they will buy nba 2k16 mt coins be in the history of the finals only a 3-1 comeback team; however, in the regular season made 73 wins the warriors will naturally not so vulnerable. So, looking forward to the next game.


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