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In the concluded the finals in five games the game Knight ultimately withstood the pressure on the road to 112-97 Lectra warriors, nba 2k16 mt  total score of the series wrench is 2-3. After the end of the game, NBA legend Magic Johnson also continuous push for the game were some comment, he argues that the Grimm's absent for the warriors of both offense and defense will be a great loss.

"Knight in tonight beat warrior just to you show de Raymond Greene for the warriors, the team really means how many warriors in today reason defensive ends in failure to hit fluent performance is because they lack the de Raymond Greene."

On this side of the knight, the game Carey - Owen and LeBron - James fire open were cut 41 points to help the team hoped to win on the road, nba 2k16 coins magicians consider Irving and James in today's success to the performance of a super star in helping Cleveland reversed the previous decline.

"LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in today become the finals history the first on to a single field were cut 40 scoring teammates combination, when your team in the super star players need in the away games played dominating, LeBron and Carey in today is really true to do."

At the end, the magician believes that the current situation, the entire series of events may need to be dragged to grab seven to a complete end.

"After the knight beat the warriors tonight, nba 2k16 mt coins I really felt like I was going to play seventh games in the series."

Warriors VS knight of 6 of the NBA Finals war will be relocated to Cleveland held, then in the game has been suspended for the de Raymond Greene will ban comeback.


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