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追分时刻又见克莱 他是库里最佳拍档

The same with Curry, Curry has gone against the thunder push style in three games of the finals . nba 2k16 mt  Fourth game series in Klein is no longer silent. The knight anxious opened the score in the third quarter, his three points once again come out.

The final three games of the first section of Clare did not score. You can start today is really open, the first 5 minutes to start the Klein received Igor pass, three hits. This is a response to Erwin.

May be the reason in the library around for a long time, his shot selection is also increasingly bold. Three from a step in the long arm of a large, Clare dare decisive shot.

Thompson Tristan as the representative, the energy and enthusiasm of the knight is significantly stronger than the opponent. Warriors can not pull the score, nba 2k16 coins the score is also very fragmented way. The festival began sweet Alpert jumper, Knight counter ultra; and Klein received the Eagle Pass, three hits. Before the end of the first half, Crowley by shield driving to the basket for a special Clay cast, the ball into the basket obediently. 2+1, after scoring Clare excitedly celebrate fists.

Judging from past experience, the third section is spray brothers the most likely outbreak stage, they also catch the biggest pressure. 8 minutes and 11 seconds, three points such as Klein floodwaters as scheduled. Two + three points a jumper team, perfect cover let get easy shots klein. The top third Festival Knight pull-apart warriors in the fourth quarter to pressure.

Compared with the 38 points 7 Curitiba record three points, 25 points is not conspicuous klein. But today he still contribute to the stability of scores and restrictions on Owen. buy nba 2k16 mt At the last moment Owen discontinuous in, there are clay credit.

The finals has been holding a 3-1 advantage, Klein second consecutive championship rings has been getting closer. If a home court in coronation, Clare again today this game will be crucial.


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