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The library does not participate in the Olympic Games, the most happy is that the management of warriors and coach Steve Cole. "There is no discussion between me and him, it was nba 2k16 mt Stephen's own decision. As the team manager, I am very happy, he needs to rest. For two consecutive years, he reached the finals. He's not the only injury that has happened this year. I think it would be better for him to have a rest, but it depends on whether the players want to go through those things."

This year the first round of the playoffs, the game, Curitiba sprained ankle, he needs to rest to raise their injuries. Curry said he understood the Zika virus threat, but it did not affect his decision.

"I read some news, understand the Zika virus, but it did not affect nba 2k mt coins my decision," curry said. "I just assessed my physical condition, and then know what the consequences of my body will be when I'm at the end of the playoffs."

Knight star James - Lebron has not yet decided whether to participate in the Olympic Games, he is more concerned about the total final. "I haven't made a decision yet, maybe at the end of the season, I'll make a choice," James said.

Although library will not play, but the water of the brothers another Klein - Thompson's position is willing to campaign for the country. But for the walled card virus, he has some vague concerns.

"I want to play for the United States, it is a great honor nba 2k17 coins , when I was young, I have such a dream. But I'm not lying to you. Mosquitoes like to bite me. I grew up in Oregon. I feel like I'm always bitten. It's not a joke. I have a little bit of worry. But I would do well to avoid being bitten, apparently, that wouldn't stop me from playing for the country."


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