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The NBA 2K series of basketball game, love the game of basketball players will play the game, to the tour good operation feeling and close to the energy value of real people, won the favor of the majority of the players, nba 2k16 mt over the past 15 years to evaluate the first NBA video game. The latest work on the new "2K17" was announced yesterday by Indiana Indiana's star scoring guard George Paul as the cover player. Will be available for sale in September 20, 2016.

Paul George is the first time this season to return to the stadium was the first solo 2K NBA product cover, he NBA 2015-16 in the regular season to create a field average score of 23.1 points career best record. For NBA players, to become the cover of the 2K game is definitely a strength of recognition. 2015, the cover of the game is Durant, 2014 is James, 2013 is Durant, Griffin, Ross, these are the League of stars in the ranks of the characters.

At the same time, Bryant has officially announced retirement, to commemorate the legend of Kobe Bryant's career, 2K company will also launch the NBA 2K17 saga commemorative edition, naturally, Bryant became the cover of this is a game of the people. In fact, this is the nba 2k16 coins second time Kobe boarded the cover of the 2K game, the last time in 2010.

As is known to all, Kobe fans and Paul George is one of a, after an interview. He also said: "the Miss Bryant is his tenacity. This is why I like him, and that is I play". The 2K cover is also considered to be composed of this perfect combination - Ke God + strongest fans.

Paul although it is the first time as a separate 2K cover, but we all know that he is the death of 2K loyal players, but also has a source of 2K. He served as "2K16 MyNBA" the cover star of the application, and held in June 1, 2016, "2K16 NBA" towards the title race of the road, the 250 thousand U.S. dollars championship as a guest commentator. Paul in addition to the global partnership with 2K, will also serve as China's "2K Online NBA" product cover star. nba 2k16 mt coins"Online NBA2K" is authorized by the official NBA, the Tencent game and 2K cooperation, "NBA2K" series of basketball games for the product prototype to create a sports network game.

It is understood, in the 2K online, you can stimulate the real NBA basketball game experience, also can try to play in the streets, team personality, more able to collect player in this league and build a dynasty team, to win a title. The NBA 2K, vice president of marketing, Alfie Brody said: "every year, the NBA 2K series of games will continue to thrive, but our focus always put in the creation can cause diehard players resonates game experience".

In addition, the standard version of the 2K17 NBA will be launched in digital and physical form PlayStation4, PlayStation3, One Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC Windows version. Previously published "2K17 NBA" Bryant Kobe legendary Collector's edition to celebrate the retired Lakers basketball idol brilliant career, will buy nba 2k16 mt be digital and physical form of the introduction of PlayStation4 and One Xbox version. This is not a small fan of the benefits of the players, as for the 2K17 NBA is able to maintain the level before, to bring the fans to enjoy the top, is still a mystery.


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