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Warriors forward Drummond - nba 2k16 mt Green today updated log playoffs, he again expressed kicked crotch Adams was not intentional, but also apologize to Adams.


I want to tell Adams, 'This is my fault, I did not mean to do it. 'Tell the truth, then I want to go over with him say these words, but I know what type of competitor he is, I know what will be his reaction. I was wrong in the past did not tell him what to say, just want to contact him after the game.


I do not mean to kick him, whether he believes, I think he would not believe me, even though I did walk over to say those with him, I think he would not believe it. If I see him, I will certainly apologize to him, and am looking forward to.


People are talking about whether I would be suspended, it makes me very upset, very upset. Yes, the first two games and I hit Adams, but this does not say that I was intentional. One might say, 'just before he hit Adams, nba 2k16 coins now playing once,' If I really mean it, I'll do it so obvious?


I know my importance to the team, so I would never deliberately kicking. I would never do such a thing. Deliberately kicked opponents was suspended for the team hurt more, why should I do that?


Although many fans of his mouth, "Take him out of the penalty", but I did not give me this causing distress. I do not think will be fined out, fined out if I would be shocked, then, I think the foul should be canceled. If someone ball go left, jump shot from the left side when you want to be foul, hit the left side of your body is right will be raised, which is the physical sense, nba 2k16 mt coins I had in high school physics. I did not mean to say what it means, I do not even know me a kick.


Now we have to rest every game as the seventh game. We have had this experience, behind 1-2, semifinals and finals last year, beat the Grizzlies have had such a situation. This is not the first time we have no way back. However, every time we can make a good response. We must recognize the basic skills to do, to make everything needed to win.


Thunder is a very good support, very competitive outstanding team. We know they're tough, but we will not worry about the opponent's performance. If we do a good job to be done, and that everything is no problem. If we come up with the best performance, I think we can win. But if they played the best level, and we have played the worst performance, it will be like last night fiasco.


Payton says I need to stop crying to the referee, his playing time may not be quiet, I grew up watching him play. buy nba 2k16 mt coins Payton said some words are right, some are wrong. Like this quote, my life is not to care about how other people judge me.


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