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Curry write a twitter: Lattention warrior nation" after the opening he made use of a jumper to break the deadlock, but he was immediately on the defensive end of Westbrook fouled, then thirds vote has been capping Adams. Thunder played so smooth, nba 2k16 mt  in Westbrook assists Adams jumper after they scored 6-2 start. The first section 8 minutes 35 seconds, again on the outside Curry dribbled forward, after a physical confrontation with opponents, leveraging the power he bounced back to gain space and hit the shot, to lead the Warriors go-ahead score to 9 -8.


It is worth mentioning that Bogut received two fouls in the end, the Warriors put Aize Li insist on playing a big lineup. Instead, the Thunder Waiters replaced Adams, the first to play a small lineup and achieved good results, the first section to 4 minutes and 33 seconds, hit three outside Ibaka, Thunder completed a wave of 18-4 offensive, the score pull to 28-15. Andre Iguodala critical moment stood out, he hit three assists Thompson after he has even cast buckle scored 5 points to lead the Warriors answered with a wave 13-4 offensive, to chase the score 28-32. After the first section of the Thunder to a 34-28 lead, Durant took 11 points in this section.


Section start Iguodala continue to play a role in the opening of this section he hit the third, shortly thereafter he grabbed the offensive rebound and Barnes hit three assists, helping the Warriors to chase the score 38 level. nba 2k16 coins Thunder will have two less on the court during this period, while the Warriors put Green and Thompson, taking advantage of the Thunder completed a wave of 8-2 offensive opened the score again, the Warriors also forced to change the library field. But the Warriors clearly not a desperate fight to fight, in this section the last three and a half minutes, the Thunder played a wave of attacks climax 17-1, and achieved 72-47 lead at halftime. Warriors clearly changes the mentality of this period, they not only are not many open shots, but also in defensive end continuous mistakes.


Since the introduction of the rules in 24 seconds in the NBA playoffs among at least 25 points in the first half behind the team's record is 56 wins and 0 losses. Warriors can end this history? Obviously not. In the third quarter to 5 minutes and 07 seconds, Robertson outside hit the third, the Thunder completed a wave of 12-0 offensive, it has opened the score to 95-59. Thereafter Curry with a fine cast with 7 points, but did not stop the Thunder's offensive, in this section, 1 minute 18 seconds left, Westbrook hit a jumper, the Thunder have opened the score to 113-72. After three Thunder 117-80 lead, Durant in this section took 10 points, nba 2k16 mt coins Westbrook got 14 points, Curry took 13 points.


Huge points difference makes the game early loss of suspense, the fourth spray two little brothers and Thunder are no longer playing, sitting there under the main warrior's mind is interesting, some pain Thompson Behind his hands, covered with a towel Curry head, Green and Andre Iguodala are chatting and laughing. Curry and his teammates when the dialogue has finally revealed the face, but it looks like he's not bad mood, his face still maintained a smile. Thunder beat the Warriors 133-105 in the final, made 2-1 lead in the Western Conference finals series with a total score.


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