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"When I drove into the arena, I was very excited. After losing a game, I am very eager to return to the court two days time, you have to put the first defeat. nba coins for sale I urgently desire to return the court because I know I did not play well in the first game, the team we are playing well.


Before the second start of the game, my college coach let me do it yourself, do not complain, hold on and become tenacious. He and I have to communicate a week, to see him in charge of sports and our university is really great.


To see them appear in the arena where I feel the world is beautiful. "


On Curry flying save

"When Curry ready to save the ball, I was thinking: 'Come on, let it go, okay, this is our playoffs.' Every round is very important toward him by fans scrambling. the proof of that. but I want him to stop it. I saw his elbow injury.


I have encountered before. Pain for quite a while. nba 2k17 coins To take so long to swelling. I'm a little worried, you can only hope it through the ice to the swelling. "


On the third Western Conference finals


"Oklahoma will be very difficult to play. They are very tough audience, where the voice has been very noisy. We will try to quickly set the tempo, and trying not to be affected by the audience.


The next two games in Oklahoma, our mindset is to win a game, really. If you win two games, and that is a surprise. But we have to win one, so to regain home-court advantage. Hope is the third. Stay focused. Obviously, the second we won so much more difficult to make the third. nba 2k15 mt First, they will be very angry. You will be slack. But I hope we can stay mentally after losing the first game. "



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