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今日谈:无缘詹韦大战 期待骑士战龙

Raptors and Miami Heat's series ended, nba 2k16 mt  the king of the Northern Territory could not let the Miami revival, they tie-break to win the opponent, joined forces with the Cleveland Cavaliers Eastern Conference finals.


Seven hard-fought, Raptors guns from the "double iron" return "Star"; Dragic played tough guy character, playoff-high battle to help the team into the tie-break; Wade back to the top every game milestone, carrying tough team forward.


This is a tragic anomaly series, Kill a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred. The third war, the loss of two teams inside a tower, Whiteside retire right knee sprain, sprained ankle Wa Lanxi Yunus retire, the absence of both the remaining games of the series; nba 2k16 coins the fifth war, Rolle - Deng and Carol because the left wrist injury halfway through, but fortunately neither seriously injured two people.


This is a history of the creation of the series, if the Heat win, they will become the first team in league history to the playoffs twice in the same year a total score of 2-3 behind the reversal of the team; if the Raptors win, it will be they broke into the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in team history. Of course, only one winner, this time, we missed the war Janeway brothers.

Before the tie-break, Wade sent a message to James, I wish good luck brother. James Wade hopes to touch, "has been looking forward to such a day," except perhaps the Raptors fans outside everyone wants to see it. When the Heat hopeless situation, James put off the TV, so the score to stay in 114-86 (campaign Raptors 116-89 Heat).


From 13 years in 2003 since entering the league in common, Janeway two have never met in the playoffs. Although their story continues, nba 2k16 mt coins  but I hope that this day may come a little faster, leaving no Zhanke finals showdown general regret.


Heat season ended, Toronto and Cleveland will continue to go on.


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