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You will get a full refund if you do not get your goods timely or the currency is not what you want. If you’d like to cancel a transaction, please contact us via "Live Chat" or email. Please tell us the reason, and the refund will be processed as soon as possible.


►Q: I do not get my goods after I finish the payment, can I get a refund?

►A: In case we do not fulfill a customer's order on time or the customer does not want to keep the order any more, the customer can ask for a full or partial refund at any time. After we refund your payment, it will take around 5-7 business days until the money get back to your card according to the nature of the credit card processing. This time period might vary to different issuers.


►Q: The stock of the products is out of stock, can I get a refund?

►A: If our products are out of stock, we will give you full refund during 5-7 business days. And we will notice you about the refund via our official emails.


►Q: I don' t want to be refunded, but I don' t need the product now, what can you do?

►A: Refund by voucher will help you out of the problem. If you would like to keep the money at nabcoinsbuy.com for future use, we can exchange the funds to voucher instead. Next time you purchase, just make order though voucher.


►Q: Why did I receive a refund even though I did not request it?

►A: We have to refund customers under some specific conditions, such as:

• Incorrect email and phone numbers provided

Email is very important for helping us communicate with our customers. All the invoices, receipts and notifications are sent by email. This is the main form of communication we use to contact you at any particular time. First-time customers might receive a phone call confirmation by our customer service department; this is to be certain of security. Usually this confirmation will be conducted soon after your transaction is completed. Our customer service representatives will consider the proper time due to your time zone and would not interrupt your daily life.

To help us serve your better, please remember to fill in the correct information. All the orders with incorrect email or phone number will be deemed as invalid. The payment will be returned to your original purchase account in 3-5 business days.


• Non-matching banking information

The online security checking system protects our customers from online shopping fraud. Your personal information will NOT be released but any non-matching information will be compared with the original bank data and ranked automatically as high risk.

For this reason, please keep in mind that we do not know your bank account details but incorrect information will result in your orders failure and refusal of further processing.

All reimbursed customers will receive our email notification immediately when we submit the refund. Please contact our live chat with any further questions.