Why do we chooes nbacoinsbuy?

nbacoinsbuy.com is a professional site to sell nba 2K19 mt Coins for the whole world NBA 2K fans. With more than Thousands of Orders/Billions of coins selling everyday.
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Q: What about commission rating?
A: You can earn 15% commission for each sale from your affiliate link.
Q: Why the link which placed on my channel is not the original URL but with some numbers attached in the end?
A: Your link is the affiliate link and the numbers in the end is your affiliate code on our site, which will track your sales by this special and unique link.
Q: When can I get my money from the sponsor and what is the payment method you can do?
A:Our pay day is on 25th of each month. We will talk about the details for this issue before we start the business. For the payment method, we support Paypal.
Q: How Can I transfer my commission to my Paypal account or exchange it into MT?
A: Please contact us via Email or Skype when your commission is reached $50 or more, we will pay you or deliver you equivalent MT according to the price list on our site.
Q: Is your site reliable? If you can make the delivery automatically? Because I need to recommend my subs and followers a good site to buy.
A: Our site is legit and we enjoy one of leadership position in this field. We make the delivery automatically if the customers provide us the correct player information.
Q: Who can I contact if they get problems on your site?
A: We have 7*24 Hours customer service and you can contact us by phone, email or live chat that you can find on homepage of our site, we will try our best to solve all their problems.