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     2k Sports build of sports masterpiece NBA 2K16 has listed for more than a months, believes many players are has in game in the smooth won total champion, but for many with key rat operation PC players for, this for of set also is compared flower, because game and cannot modified keys.nba 2k16 mt coins on sale.now official public has latest of 3rd, upgrade document increased has since defined keys set, certainly also has many important changes.
-Support for custom key settings;
-Optimal performance under all configurations;
Out problem-solves certain players have;
-Fixed middle-to high-end models on the phenomenon of card frames at the beginning of the game;
-Fixed the "special effect (Special Effects) to" close the case some users to enter "edit field" and "Edit shirt" black screen appears when the menu;
-In the video options menu to add "Media People Detail Level (media figures detail level)", reducing the options conducive to low-end video cards in performance;
-Fixed using non Xbox 360 handle cases of irregular player pictures;
-MyPARK, MyCAREER, MyGM various Bug is fixed.
    "NBA 2K" series re- launched the "NBA 2K16", brought by far the most real NBA basket game experience , and the main writer Spike Lee , directed and produced by the new MyCAREER mode renowned filmmakers. Buy cheap nba 2k16 coins.Certainly will bring the most realistic NBA realistic gaming experience .

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