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    According to " USA Today "reported ,Lamar - Lamar Odom 's close friend and former college coach Jim - Harlech revealed that the two-time championship player could face at least six months of rehabilitation,nba 2k16 mt coins on sale.

    Middle of this month , Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel , and lives are at stake . To date, he has lived for nearly two weeks in the hospital.

    "Obviously , a lot of outside attention to him , but the thing to remember is that his road to recovery will be long ." Odom Harlech college coach said, "This is a very serious matter . ( his rehabilitation period ) may be six months or longer. we do not know what the circumstances of his kidneys and lungs can occur . "

     It is understood that in the months before the accident Odom , his friends and family are very worried about his behavior and mental state .

    "The key is we did not feel that he would risk their lives ." Harlech continued, " This is the hard part , we did not expect all of his acquaintances and former teammates , everyone is anxiously waiting what will happen next . "

     "I love him , but also very concerned about him . You can feel the people 's reaction to him . I just hope he better hurry up and have a long and happy life ."

    Earlier reports said , Odom brothel in the three days that had smoked cocaine. Recently, the police have been Odom 's blood test report showed positive.

    According to the information received TMZ , law enforcement department, said the blood test result is obtained from Odom , who lives in Las Vegas that he had in the hospital , and Odom 's body does exist cocaine.

    According to police , if Odom is confirmed cocaine , then he is likely to be prosecuted . Buy nba mt coins to get  5% more for free.


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