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    According to the well-known website TMZ reported - Kobe Bryant recently went to the hospital to visit Lamar - Lamar Odom, while in the previous NBA 2K16 game, actually already set up with Bryant visiting player mode. Game producers say that this is purely coincidental. nba 2k16 mt coins on sale.

    Odom before the incident, NBA 2K16 game, "Kobe Bryant together to visit a sick friend," the pattern looks like a joke, but who knows which became a living reality.
Last week, Bryantdid "visit a sick friend," he went to Las Vegas, went to the hospital to visit the former Lakers teammate Lamar Odom also his friend.

    Therefore, when the theme of the model 2K16 game on social media to spread, many people think, but that is a realistic scenario simulation game producers opened a vulgar joke.

    But in fact, the model in the game introduced earlier in trouble and Bryant Odom went visiting. A spokesman for the 2K16 game behind the producers also confirmed: "This pattern does exist in the game." The spokesman said, the player simply select the "My Career" mode, you can follow the players to do any thing, including visit patients and attend various activities, "the model and the real thing recently occurred but a coincidence."

   The spokesman also said, 2K16 game producers currently has no plans to cancel this mode.buy cheap nba 2k16 coins to get 5% more for free.

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