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    Recently , NBA officials announced the general manager of the annual survey , in the business league, general manager sometimes called experts know better than the ball , because they are the team to operate the operating agent signings transactions and so on.buy nba 2k16 mt coins. As NBA2K16 the cover of three players James Harden , Stephen Curry , Anthony Davis , there is no doubt the first of them is located. Let us look in detail .

   Shooting guard position last year to more than half of the vote to win the first one , and this year is 79.3 percent support rate rolling.

    And at the point guard position on beyond Paul Curry , 55.2 percent support against 24.1 percent rate , it seems in the eyes of the general manager called the first guard Curry more than Paul this title .

   The power forward position , gifted eyebrows Gedaiweisi , still overshadowed by the older generation of the limelight , becoming the first PF. It is worth mentioning that, in the option "choose a player to build the team as a cornerstone" of Davis with 86 percent of the vote pressure off James and Durant .

     It seems , Harden , Davis , Curry has become the face of this business alliance figure NBA era theirs arrived!

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