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    cleveland.com news , the Cavaliers star LeBron - James and the US first lady Michelle - Obama appeared on an activity that the University of Akron in Wednesday , they committed to encouraging more young people to pursue higher education.buy cheap nba 2k16 mt.
    In the 15-minute appearances , Michelle - Obama to talk about the presence of the young James she and President Obama 's appreciation of the situation .
    "LeBron invested a lot in you , because he knows that you deserve ." Michelle - Obama on the presence of more than 2400 Mingzhanmusi Family Foundation project to support young people he said
    " It's up to you," she said, " it was your college tuition to pay , and now the question is whether you will pay for the university effort ? "
    Michelle mentioned cooperation James Foundation, the University of Akron and JPMorgan Chase between any under the guidance of James graduated from Akron public schools to meet achievement , attendance and community service three criteria children , will get access to all the costs the University of Akron learning.
    James initiated this project aims to encourage young people to go to school , which raises the attention of the White House , government representatives had asked James Foundation , can assist new project sponsored by the first lady .more latest news on http://www.nbacoinsbuy.com/ ,nba 2k16 mt coins hot on sale.

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