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    According to the "Ohio.com" it reported that LeBron - James may not play the rest of the preseason , the Knights until October 28 opening of the regular season against the Bulls play again.Coach David - Blatter also indicate this.buy nba 2k16 mt coins,with fast delivery. 
   At home court against the Pacers today,James still did not play , and ultimately defeated 86-107 Cavaliers preseason now lost all five games . Earlier Blatter says James might truce remainder of the preseason . He was not injured , but the Cavaliers want to limit his playing time .
    Next week the Knights will play against the Raptors and Dallas , respectively , Blatter said this: "We will look at the beginning of next week , when the case how, I think he ( James ) does not have to play two games , and even one of them will not play games still do not know . look and see . "
    Last season, the Cavaliers would have let James get some proper rest precedent , during his regular season had been sidelined for two weeks . This year the first five preseason games knight he played only two games .
    "James attended the training camp we are really pleased that he took great state return , and very hard to train , " Blatter said , "We want to protect the good beginning of the season when he was in his great career road career , he has accumulated a lot of experience . we try to put his preseason mileage reduced to the minimum . "Cheap nba 2k16 mt coins on sale.

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