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    Lakers star Lamar Odom before dying of news affecting the entire NBA league . Odom is currently still in hospital receiving treatment , struggling with death . According to well-known media gossip website TMZ reported that currently all medical Odom 's decision by Kohler - Kardashian cards to decide.nba 2k16 mt coins hot on sale.
    Although Kohler and Odom 's marriage have been broken, very early divorce , and the outside world has also been reported using such words " husband ," " wife " to refer to the couple , but in fact , their marriage has not been lifted , so now Kohler identity is still Odom 's wife , but also his first guardian , so various decisions in all aspects of treatment or surgery will be her decision.
    It is reported that , in his capacity as Odom wife Kohler has made ​​a number of medical decisions .buy cheap nba 2k16 mt coins,with fast delivery.



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