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    RealGM According to reports, Steve - Cole local time on July 28 to accept back surgery suffered a spinal fluid leak, which led him to miss the team's preseason game,Buy nba 2k16 mt coins.

    "I suffered a spinal fluid leak at the first surgery," Cole at the end of the Warriors training on Sunday he told the media. "It's very rare, does not happen often, but around the spinal cord dura (spinal) membrane cracks appeared, led this happened. I lost spinal fluid, which often feel a headache coming month, there are some other symptoms. "

    With the passage of time becomes more and more serious, Cole local time on September 4 again underwent surgery to repair the situation.

    "Cracks repaired, but still have some symptoms, which is why I can not return to the sidelines," Cole said.

    Cole said he's feeling better and better, but there is no exact time a regression,cheap nba mt coins on sale.

    "I want to tell you what I'm going through, what happened there, because this is a gray area, people are very concerned about how the situation developed," he said.

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