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    Before the start of the article, you come to be a crazy guess: Who because the contract expires next year and become the most talked about player of the new season?
    If want to get right, everyone's answer is - Kevin - Durant.cheap nba 2k16 mt coins hot on sale now.
    Obviously, Durant will be the next summer transfer market most fertile fish. Current owner Thunder Needless to say, definitely want to renew with Durant, but their biggest rivals Wizards, as holding "home," the trump card, will also be fully chase Durant.
    Durant grew up in Washington, by his own admission has a deep feeling of home. Of course, the most critical is the Wizards Mingxia have enough cap space to sign Durant. At the same time, they also have the ability to replace Walter Westbrook assistant powerful Durant good young point guard. Odds show will stay in Thunder Durant, if so, should we not try to blame Wall Durant recruit it? Of course not, in fact, Wal-Marthad plans:
    "You certainly have the opportunity to Durant olive branch, and then try to persuade him carrying back home," Wall said recently on a show, "but we must be aware of the new season he wanted to dedicate themselves to the Thunder game, and I will for the Wizards all-out effort, so these things to be discussed later. "
    "But as long as the time is ripe, we have time to sit down to small talk, and I will certainly confided in him."
    In front of his home crowd for the home team play, and even won the championship, it is a great temptation for any players. buy nba 2k16 mt coins.The Wizards now Team strength is quite good, perhaps Durant, Thunder leave to join the Wizards is also a good choice?

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