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    At soccer players are still "live football" and "FIFA" debate ruthlessly when basketball players are already looking forward to the arrival of "NBA2K16" of the. Indeed, the "NBA Live" now also been significant progress, but yet not threaten "NBA2K" dominance of the series - at least after JR demo I thought,buy nba 2k16 mt coins.
    The "NBA2K16" provides us with 12 new legendary team, players can choose their own favorite team once the war with others, can be considered a disguised regain feelings.
    In this "NBA2K16" actual game experience, I personally did not feel particularly large changes, but more is to enhance the details, such as the confrontation between the players collide. In this as in, thanks to more and more comprehensive motion capture technology to enhance, becomes more real confrontation between the players, when the other force on defense, seems to really like, like an impregnable fortress before it makes you could not move.
    In addition, players also improved detail, compared to last year's work, 2K16 add nearly doubled body movements, the real players in the field who "live in". IQ game players have no small progress, without the ball more frequently, more aggressive defense and so on,we always provide nba mt coins with the cheapest price.At the same time I was a bit careful attention to the players pace, as the producer of the conference said, moving "skating" phenomenon really got some improvements.
    "NBA2K" series has always belonged to the superior picture, so the above in PS4 and Xbox One trial did not elevate the senses. Game still follows the 2K15 appeared in long shots, only the key press for the opportunity to have a perfect shot player. Before the race commentator system also is still mired down, everyone facial expressions also have greatly improved.
    In short words, detail. Details determine success or failure, I believe this is also the 2K aware of this,cheap nba mt coins are hot on sale.

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