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NBA 2K18 has been widely criticized for its aggressive lean toward VC purchases and microtransactions, but an upcoming patch update will help to make that grind a lot better when it comes to shoe deals. Thanks to a little help from Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith, 2K fans got the answer they were probably looking for. “If I have a shoe deal, how come I still have to pay for shoes to wear in the playground,” he tweeted Wednesday afternoon, “an[d] if you don’t they take away your shoe deal?” In about an hour, 2K marketing guru Ronnie Singh replied, “Right now you don’t get all the free shoes until the upper tiers of shoe deals. We’re adjusting in [the] next patch and they’ll be free upon signing,” he confirmed. and also you can buy cheap nba 2k18 coins from our site. Once the change goes live, it will mark yet another adjustment in a line of small feature tweaks to curb NBA 2K18’s reliance on VC purchases and microtransactions. Mere hours after the game's release, its development team at Visual Concepts drastically lowered the price of in-game haircuts to make them more open to experimentation.




This issue has been relevant since the launch of NBA 2K18, but it has only become a major point of player contention in recent weeks. The situation goes that if a MyPlayer signs a shoe deal with Nike, for example, your manager will start pestering you with in-game texts suggesting you should be wearing certain high-end Nike shoes around the virtual neighborhood. and also these nba 2k18 ps4 mt belong to you guys. The problem being, of course, that those shoes cost VC to buy even though they’re required to maintain an endorsement deal. In previous editions of NBA 2K, all of a certain brand’s shoes would become available to MyPlayers once a contract had been signed. When the Patch 5 update it arrives, it appears that’s how the system will work regardless of the tier of the deal.

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