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NBA 2K18 has a new over-the-air update that tweaks the game’s shooting mechanics slightly. After a reboot, players should notice that green shots occur more frequently in the shot meter and layups should be easier to get. The details arrive via a tweet from 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang. In NBA 2K18 terms, greens are shots with a high probability for scoring once released. The shot meter that appears below possessing players dictates the color of the shot. Red, for example, is the indicator for a shot that’s not likely to make it in the hoop. With this update, shooting has become easier from a distance as well as up close. and also you can get nba 2k18 ps4 mtcoins from our site. In contrast to the less frequent full update download, this tweak should apply the next time the game is booted. You may need to restart for the changes to take effect. The good news for just about any player is that easier shots means more opportunities to score.

Scoring means more points for MyPlayers and those points translate to larger VC payouts. However, shooting issues have probably been the least annoying problem plaguing NBA 2K18 over the past few days. Shortly after update 1.04 released last week, players took to Twitter en masse to voice frustration about the inability to access Pro-Am mode. Others suffered from crashes or an inability to select custom shoes from the MyCareer closet menu. 2K has since addressed many of these shortcomings, but shooting was hardly a must-fix issue.

In fact, many players argue this latest tweak is totally unnecessary. and also these buy nba 2k18 mt belong to you guys. As with most NBA 2K games before it, however, Wang and his crew at Visual Concepts are aggressively committed to making sure the shot mechanics of NBA 2K18 are just right for all players. So far this adjustment doesn’t appear to send simulations off the rails, but it might once players get used to it.

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