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There are many versions of a few of the game's superstars, but if you're looking for the highest-rated players at each position, it's hard to beat this starting five. They're listed with position, name, age, height and overall rating. Obviously, this is all up for debate, but you'll get a lot of people supporting the notion that Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard of all time. and also you can get cheap nba 2k18 coins from our site. The same can be said about LeBron at small forward, Duncan at power forward and Kareem in the middle. Even looking beyond the ideal shooting nba 2k18 seasons for MJ and LBJ, the size and versatility of this lineup are amazing. Jordan would be the smallest man on the floor, not to mention the defense and rebounding would be especially tough.

If you don't care about parity, you could create a roster where all five players are on your team. Can you go 82-0 even if your bench is filled with players who aren't rated over a 69? That's a MyLeague challenge for you to consider. Almost no one will contest the notion that Jordan is not only the greatest shooting guard of all time. Most would likely tell you he's the G.O.A.T overall. He's the only 99 0verall rated player in the game, and there are two different versions of him that top the scales. The other version is three years younger, but I chose the 33-year-old MJ because his three-point shooting is 11 points higher and he's a much better passer. The version of James is the one from his dominant season with the Miami Heat. and also these nba 2k18 buy mt belong to you guys. If there is a weakness on this team, it would be its outside shooting. In fact, Jordan and James have the highest three-point shooting ratings. While neither man is known for their long-range marksmanship, the years captured were their best from a statistical standpoint. The 33-year-old Jordan shot just under 43 percent from beyond the three-point arc for the 95-96 Chicago Bulls. James shot just under 41 percent for the 2012-13. Both players shot a career-high from deep in their respective seasons.

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