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The storied NBA 2K franchise continues to go from strength to strength, and the new NBA 2K18 game is no exception. While new additions to the game such as the ‘Neighborhood’, increased brand presence and text messages from LaVar Ball have all been lauded, one new feature has been criminally overlooked. The ‘Play Now’ mode is the generic exhibition-style game mode. and also these nba 2k18 mt belong to you guys. Like in all sports video games, this is a mode which is very hard to change and revolutionize. Simply put, it is as close to pure basketball as a video game can be.


However, the good folks over at 2K Sports managed to do what many would deem impossible. The game features 30 All-Time teams – one for every NBA franchise. All-Time Teams give players the chance to fulfil their fantasies by testing out combinations and watching different eras clash. It’s a surreal experience to see Wilt Chamberlain throw down a massive slam dunk off the back of a Stephen Curry lob. The dream backcourt of Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant can be lived out through the game, and you can even see LeBron James guard LeBron James by pitching the Miami Heat against the Cleveland Cavaliers. and also you can getnba 2k18 xbox one mt from our site. The seemingly endless combinations of matchups make the ‘Play Now’ mode very exciting. Before jumping into this mode, you may wonder who to start with. With 30 incredible All-Time Teams, this makes for a very hard decision.

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