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Kings fans who are waiting for this week’s release about a popular video game. “NBA 2K18” ranks Sacramento 16th overall, a rating boosted by a high defensive score. The Kings are sixth in defense, trailing five NBA playoff teams from last season. The Golden State Warriors, who have four All-Stars on the roster and have won two of the last three NBA championships are surprisingly not the top. and also you can buy cheapest prices nba coins to build your great team. They rank second in offense, defense and overall rating. The Cleveland Cavaliers sweep the top spot in all three categories and have the top individual player in forward LeBron James, who has a 97 rating. For the Kings, point guard George Hill, signed as a free agent, leads the team with an 82 rating. and also these nba2k mt pc belong to you guys. Power forward Zach Randolph, another free agency signing, is second at 80.There are 16 players in the 90s, including NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant (96), NBA MVP Russell Westbrook (94) and DeMarcus Cousins. The former King now with the New Orleans Pelicans scored a 92.
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