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Think of the NBA 2K18 Prelude as an early release that costs you nothing. Last year, 2K Games and Visual Concepts offered the Prelude to build excitement just before NBA 2K17’s release. and also these cheapest prices nba coins belong to you guys. That download let users try MyCareer early and transfer their progress to the final game. The story, which featured a story written by Creed’s Aaron Covington, was that title’s most exciting new feature.The NBA 2K18 Prelude arrives September 8th on Xbox One and PS4. The Prelude exists to give gamers a taste of special features from each year’s final game.

 For example, the NBA 2K17 Prelude let gamers create their own MyPlayer character and start the game’s story. You get to try The Neighborhood when you download the NBA 2K18 Prelude. With hours left until the demo’s release, we know that the download will give some gamers their first taste of The Neighborhood, upgraded animations and the refined ball handling that is in the final NBA 2K18 release.

and also these buy nba 2k18 vc account belong to you guys. We also know that this will be the only time gamers can experience NBA 2K18 free before the game launches on September 19th. This year’s demo is also 2K Games’ last chance to convince gamers to buy NBA 2K18 instead of EA’s NBA Live 18. NBA Live 18 uses the same rosters as NBA 2K18 and includes a MyCareer-like story of its own, called The One. A free NBA Live 18 demo is already available on Xbox One and PS4. The Neighborhood is an open-world area, where gamers can get their hair cut, buy new shoes, play against other players casually, compete in a ProAm tournament or hang out and enjoy some arcade games. All told, The Neighborhood is a lot like GTA Online’s sprawling Los Santos world. You even see other players move around The Neighborhood as you explore it.

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