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 Beijing time on July 5, Fuerz interview. Talking about his goals when Fulz said he hopes to be a leader player. "Join the team and serve as a point guard, I hope I can become a leader, this is my goal, this is my own expectations. And also you can get cheap nba 2k17 mt coins from our site. In yesterday's summer league game, 76 people to 88-89 loss to the Celtics. But in this game, Fuerz sent three blocks, it is amazing.


In this regard, Fulz said: "Everything is about the effort, really. This is what I like to do (defense). And also you can find nba coins from our site. (In high school) I found myself in this area can do something. I began to often cover the opponent as a point guard. During the university, Fuerz field can send 1.2 blocks, which is very good for the point guard data.


In the last moments of yesterday's game, Fulz had the opportunity to finish the lore, he broke the ball after the ball broke into the basket, but was defensive cover, the final team regret losing. "I just wanted to score," said Fulz, "when I talked about the lore," he said. Then he was asked about the future of the team, he said: "Every game back to see where the place to do well what is not good enough, and then maintain the advantages of improving shortcomings.


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