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 Beijing time on July 4, Anthony had said that if you can go to the rocket. They are willing to give up the veto of the transaction. And also you can buy nba 2k17 mt coins from our site. But from the latest news, the Rockets have given up the pursuit of Anthony. Team General Manager Darrell - Morey said the team will use the bottom salary to sign a free agent.


The source said the rocket was not active on Anthony's deal. In order to get Anthony, they have to give up Leian Anderson. And also you can go to our site to get cheap mt . As one of the league's top space-type four, Anderson and Paul, Harden's play quite fit.


Signed Tucker, after the renewal of the inside, the next goal of the rocket will be the base salary players. "If the chips are really good, we'll see," he said, "but it’s not wrong to get all the players on July 4, and we'll sign a few do not guarantee the contract.




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