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2016-17 season for Duke and Kenneth, are unusual for a year. Kenneth played the best lineup level, it is bright. And also you can get cheap mt from our site. On behalf of Duke played 37 games, he has 35 scoring in double, 19 scoring more than 20 points. He became the Atlantic Coast League Championship MVP, led Duke to become the league's first 4 days 4 wins and win the team, in the game he averaged 20 points and 5.3 rebounds.

Kenneth was elected to the nation's best lineup, injury and other factors threaten Duke's season performance, he became the team's stable fire support. Kenneth scored 722 points this season, leading the team, which is the team's history of the 16 single season total score. And also you can get nba 2k17 ps4 mt coins from our site. In the ACC league, his score and three-point shooting is the first two, free throw percentage ranked fourth, averaging three-point shot number 7 (2.38), hit rate 8, the average playing time 3 (35.5).

As a sophomore, he was not contested for the best team in the United States, or a member of the John Wooden Award for the nation's lineup, and became one of the five candidates for the Jerry-West Award for the Year The He is the 2017 ACC Championship MVP, career 86.7% free throw percentage is Duke school history second place. He hit 40 consecutive games three-pointers, Duke school history for the second long record, but also the history of the ACC League 10 long. His career score of 1147 points, Duke player career is the first two years of the first four high marks.

Duke coach "old K" coach Mike - Shashevsky said, "Luke's technical characteristics perfect to adapt to the modern NBA, we are looking forward to see him to a higher level.He is a great player, Can be seamlessly docked with the NBA team.



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