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Since the beginning of the game, James has shown a great desire to attack. First James breakthrough in the basket hit the board score; followed by James converted offensive attack against the heart of the ball break into the penalty; after the Owen students in the library to fight back, James again grabbed the library to fight back, layup Hit. and also you can buy nba 2k17 mt coins from our site. Suspension back, James outside the fire, hit the third, and then after the field ran to the front of the ball after the game directly back shot hit. The first section of the game, James 9 vote 5 get 12 points.


Section II, James still did not rest. First pass love happy pass fast break into the attack, then take the Delong pass fast break counter buckle Durant. But after the knight attack on the end of the difficulties encountered by the Warriors hit a wave of 30-8 wave of attacks. Since then, James then pass the Owen hit three points, and then return to assists Owen hit the third, after the empty cut basket score, a little steady hold the situation. and also you can get cheap mt from our site. Owen then James pass their own hit three points, after the Irvine offensive rebounds to JR assists hit the third.


Halftime, James 15 of 9 shots, 21 points and 5 rebounds and 1 assists and 2 steals. The second half, James strengthened the control organization. First of all, in the singles Durant back jumper after the hit, James shortly after passing assists JR hit three points. Then, see JR hand heat, and continue to seek and JR pick and roll with the attack on the library, in an attack, James ball pick and roll, break to attract the attack off the sub-line Carrefour, Carrefour third, James fight before the front Rebound, hard to score.


After another, James missed the ball, broke the air relay, assists TT dunk succeeded. At the end of the season, Owen went to rest treatment, James pass to help Jefferson caused a foul, but also assists JR hit three points.



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