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If not for that epic and historic collapse, the Warriors might not have signed Kevin Durant weeks later, the only silver lining from the 2016 NBA Finals, and he is Exhibit A when explaining what has changed. and also you can buy nba 2k17 mt from our site. So, it’s very reasonable to expect the Warriors to close out a championship series, something they haven’t done now in four tries, perhaps Monday inside what will be a giddy yet tense Oracle Arena.

That was followed by Harrison Barnes falling into the deep freeze — also known as a San Francisco summer — and couldn’t make a bucket. That was followed by Curry throwing a sloppy behind-the-back pass, and The Block by LeBron James and The Shot by Kyrie Irving.

The Warriors put themselves in this position by failing to sweep in Cleveland, which isn’t exactly a crime when you’re playing on the road and against the triple-double leader in NBA Finals history. and also you can get cheap mt from our site. But to lose for the first time in the post-season was still somewhat jarring and as expected, a painful reminder was thrown in their faces by the basketball world.

“You win 15 in a row during the playoffs and you think it’s going to happen, that you’re going to stay unbeaten,” said Green. “Then all of a sudden you get smacked in the face and you say, 'whoa.' You remember what happened.”

The man who jump-started the 2016 free-fall was rather confident on the eve of Game 5. Green will play in that game, which means he has kept his swinging foot to himself, and for the most part, his mouth as well. Although, Green being Green, he’s had a few close calls (Draymond always has something to say to the refs) and probably shouldn’t answer his cell if the caller ID shows a 216 area code.


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